Patti Sherwin
Patti SherwinFounder
Patti Sherwin is an associate member of the ASEL and has been in the Antiques and Collectibles business for about 20 years. A popular paid speaker on antiquities for adult education in Torrance, Patti is the founding member of PS Estate Sales and has been conducting sales since 2011. She graduated from the University of LaVerne with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Business Administration and continues her education at the College for Appraisers in Whittier, CA.
Loretta Sadler
Loretta SadlerPartner
Having recently returned to California to learn more about and subsequently join PS Estate Sales, former St. Petersburg, FL resident Loretta Sadler has been a personal friend of Patti Sherwin for about 30 years. She has also completed extensive research on Hummel figurines, as well as Fenton and Carnival Glass, and has been in the antique business for about 15 years.


Paul Wilson
Paul WilsonAssociate
Paul Wilson is a retired maintenance engineer and is our resident expert on tools, electronics and all garage items. He helps with setup & loading, and makes sure electronics are in working order.
Maria and George Gamond
Maria and George GamondAssociates
Maria and George Gamond have been personal friends with Patti for about 25 years. while George helps Paul with with his extensive knowledge of tools, cars, and collectibles, both help with pricing/setup and security.

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From The Experts:

Until you meet with us, be careful to not throw anything away. Old newspapers, toys, board games, records, clothing or anything of that nature. Don’t clean out the garage first, or the attic, etc. People buy items that you may think have no value.